Luke Stow

chief executive officer

Luke is an internationally accomplished chief information officer and entrepreneurial technology practitioner and commentator.


Boasting 30+ years of experience in international business as a technology transformation executive leader and chief information officer, Luke has garnered a wealth of knowledge and expertise across myriad industries including utilities, telecommunications, retail, aviation and financial services.


Luke is internationally recognised for his thought leadership on and practical ‘know how’ for technology transformation, technology implementation, technology talent development, and emerging technologies. Truly a people-centric leader, Luke is applauded for his engaging and effective approach to business transformation enablement.


To date Luke’s professional achievements include having managed several large scale complex transformation programs, executive advisory on adoption and implementation of emerging technologies, design of cost and experience effective technology solution architectures, and a diverse range of industry contributions as a mentor to emerging technology leaders and practitioners. With experience across various cultures, Luke offers a consolidation of global perspectives to all of his engagements.


As an accomplished technology leader internationally, Luke has held executive roles with Hydro Tasmania and Momentum Energy, Telstra, Cathay Pacific Airways, George Weston Foods, Origin Energy, Symantec, Harvey Norman, and the Bank of Ireland. Luke has impeccable references for his change leadership of business and practical thought leadership on customer and employee journey optimisation.

As Chief Executive Officer of LAMPS Media, Luke is responsible for management of the company vision ensuring teams and clients are enabled. Luke is an active executive leader, passionately participating in service to clients and providing subject matter expertise guidance to strategically inform narrative design approaches for content and campaigns. Regularly Luke features in campaign content as a key opinion leader on critical technology conversations, collaborating with clients to elevate and amplify their points of view and contributions to audience segments.


Luke is an active professional commentator on domestic and global technology debates, contributing to storylines and the evolution of critical narratives in the technology industry by sharing his highly regarded experiences.


If he’s not leading, Luke enjoys riding his electric scooter and spending time with his sons. He’s mastered the art of slow cooking and is passionate about vibrant jackets.