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The Future of Content Marketing,

As social media and other digital platforms have continued to gain momentum and infiltrate our lives, personally and professionally, the content marketing landscape has been substantially disrupted due to the democratisation of information distribution.


Prior to social media and other digital platforms, we lived in a world where the creation, curation, distribution and promotion of information was only possible for the privileged few - traditional publishers and broadcasters.


Maybe you remember the days when we relied on the physical delivery of a newspaper to the front door of our homes to ‘know what was going on in the world’.


Or better yet, the days when we relied on the evening news to ‘know what breaking news’ was relevant to the world.




Most of us are netizens - we’re active, passive and constant consumers of content online. Whether it’s content published by a traditional publisher, content published by a government, content published by an entity trying to sell to us or content published by a family member. For the purpose of clarity; content is simply information made available.


This major and complex adaptive transformation in the way we access and consume information is the democratisation of information distribution.


No longer do we need to be a locally, nationally or globally recognised credible publisher of information to ‘share our views’ or ‘make announcements’. Simply by having access to the internet, having at least one electronic device at our disposal (i.e. a mobile phone), and a basic understanding of how to create a digital profile - we can all be publishers, in effect.


This has absolutely disrupted the world of content marketing.


Top of newsfeed placement is a constant battle - for the traditional publishers, organisation’s trying to sell, and for civilian publishers who simply want to show the world a glimpse of what they did on the weekend or at the office last week.


Not all advertising dollars are created equal. Many years ago having advertising dollars meant you could assure your top of newsfeed placement (or equivalent).




The advertising market operates very differently.


With a budget of $100, or even less, you can deploy an advertising campaign on the likes of Facebook.


Goodbye to big budget domination of information distribution.


This new world of information distribution creates many dynamic challenges for professionals and practitioners in the marketing and sales disciplines.


Many of our clients question “how can we cut through the noise?” and “how can we ensure that we get a return on our investment into this marketing initiative?”.


Further, clients want to know “how can we define the signal in the noise by distinguishing a ‘quality lead’ from a ‘low quality lead’?”.


These are all valid questions and, in our view, they’re important questions.


These questions are why we exist.


We work with clients to create captivating, engaging, cohesive and impactful content assets that provide our clients with the ammunition they need to cut through the noise and engage their audience(s) in a meaningful way.


We design and develop fit for purpose demand generation activation plans that enable clients to get their quality content assets in front of the right audience(s) on the right channels.


The art of effective content marketing has changed.


The first step in transforming the performance of your content marketing as an enterprise or startup technology brand is acknowledging that, simply, the game has changed.


No longer is it affordable or sustainable to pour copious amounts of money into things that don’t provide immediate and long term value to your business.


Budgets give us choices but they don’t by nature assure results.


The content marketing landscape is increasingly competitive and overwhelming. Working with a strategic partner who understands the technology sector is crucial.


Working with a strategic partner who understands how to transform the conversations that matter for your technology brand by creating moments that matter through effective narrative design and campaign engagement strategies is a must.


Technology conversations are generally complex. Our approach to narrative design ensures we simplify the complex so that your target audience(s) can actually engage with what you’re saying.


Communication is the catalyst for action. Whether you’re communicating in written, verbal or visual form - it’s important you embrace the voice of the customer into your narrative design so that you can ‘speak to them’ in ways that resonate and drive meaningful outcomes.


Gone are the days where a well designed logo can do all of the work.


Gone are the days where loyalty was a given.


Your target audience(s) are more informed than they’ve historically been and they know they can find alternatives because we live in a world of excessive awareness and choice.


If you’re ready to transform the way you leverage content marketing for brand awareness and demand generation within your technology brand, reach out today. We’d love to discover how we can work with you.


The art of the start to transforming your marketing and sales pipeline is to start.


Sally A Illingworth

Co Founder & COO of LAMPS Media

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