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We all need the human interface

It’s nearly Christmas again and as I think about the last 12 months I realise how much I have missed human interaction and the benefits that I receive from simply talking to a group of like-minded people.

It is clear to me how influential and important face-to-face human interaction is for us all as we maintain our working relationships and generate new ones.

Whilst there needs to be a blend and balance of remote online working, it is time for organisations to start planning for the awakening from the pandemic-induced slumber party.

We need to think about these new face to face interactions as opportunities to reinvent and invigorate the way we connect.

Conferences and events will not progress as they did previously, however, as we’ve learned, there are innovative new ways we can interact to create moments that matter.

Here are some insights to help plan the next interaction between your technology brand and its stakeholders.

Less is more. Quality time with the right cohort is going to be the most favoured option for organisations. The type of setting will be important, a private setting with opportunity for a high value exchange is paramount. This type of setting allows for superior engagement and a feeling of safety and exclusivity.

A great sales pitch isn’t sales-y. It has never been more important for organisations and sellers to come together for pre-sales conversations in relaxed environments. The 1980’s speed dating style conference is not effective in 2021 and beyond. Buyers deserve mature, personalised and meaningful environments for conversation.

Ask before you tell. The use of pre meeting questionnaires might’ve been half-effective, at best, prior to 2020 however rethinking the fundamentals of pre meeting planning will work wonders for driving a more targeted and fruitful conversation. Remember, many of us have new engagements and pipeline opportunities with people we have not yet met in person. Use creative pre meeting preparation engagement tactics to understand those you’re striving to serve.

Content is individual. Remember the time when you couldn’t control when or how you could watch a show or read a book? In our increasingly on-demand world, audiences want flexibility with how they hear from you and consider your thought leadership. Content should empower your target audience and drive demand, mitigating the need to force content onto those you want to engage in conversation with.

Make the most of every interaction. Here is the thing about time, it was scarce before 2020. Now it’s perceived value is higher than Bitcoin after Elon Musk declared Bitcoin was going to be the only way to buy a Tesla. For us all, time is more valuable than ever and if you’re, at least conceivably, a WOVT (Waste Of Valuable Time) then the deal is never going to get across the line and you will likely struggle to get a second meeting.

So what’s your plan?

Luke Stow

Chief Executive Officer


22 November 2021

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