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Thought Leadership | Light Bulb Moment Series

Take the Leap, Take the Lead

Many people consider thought leadership as just another type of content, but it isn’t. It’s an approach to communications that articulates the relationship you want your brand to have in your space.

It’s an approach whereby redesigning your communications allows your brand to deliver value from the first moment in the customer decision journey to the very last…

This resulting value add can support your business with positioning itself as an expert in your industry - leading to potential clients and customers inherently trusting you more. And, let’s be honest, it’s a simple truth that people buy from companies that they trust.

Additionally, a 2020 Edelman study revealed that over 60% of decision-makers spend an hour or more consuming thought leadership content each week. The study also found that 89% of decision-makers say that thought leadership is an effective way of enhancing their perception and understanding of an organisation. In turn, driving benefit awareness and

purchase intent.

Be Purposeful, Not Promotional…

It's vital that your technology business stands out and that its voice is heard above the digital noise. Differentiation is the key to ensuring that you are a leader and not a follower.

At a time when businesses are hungrier than ever for insightful content as a route to beginning new interactions, brands that break free from the norm, shape the right narrative and offer a unique understanding will achieve differentiation in a world of expectation and scrutiny.

Yet the good things don’t stop there…

Establishing your business as a thought leader enables a host of benefits that would otherwise be unavailable without the critical foundation thought leadership content helps you build.

For example, as you become a recognised expert in your field, you’ll be able to leverage valuable and helpful content beyond your business's chosen channels - widening your net and driving brand awareness with a relevant, engaged audience - resulting in high quality leads for your organisation.

So, are you ready to take your technology business to the next level?

It’s never too late to kickstart your own thought leadership content series, so why not get in touch and we can discuss how you can begin building trust and differentiation as a route to long-term growth.


Get in touch…



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