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CEO's Message

Through what has been another long, hectic and yet fulfilling year, I am feeling as privileged as ever to be leading a business of the calibre of LAMPS Media.

Our growth and maturity momentum has been extraordinary in a very difficult time of global uncertainty.

What I am most proud of is our people who continue to deliver against three of our key business objectives:

  • Ensuring our client engagement and collaborative hands on delivery processes deliver successful client results.

  • Continuous improvement and scalability of our operational processes and methods, ensuring client confidence in our business.

  • Our culture evolution which is self-organising and cross functional, enabling the creative growth of each person and our market offerings.

When we started our business we committed to a lofty goal of ‘transforming technology conversations’ and our people now own, drive and create around this shared purpose with our client partners.

To our client partners, your individual and business well-being and the relationship we share means everything to us.

In the past year we have tripled our client base and partnered on exciting new projects contributing to some amazing metrics, including achievement of:

  1. AUD $80M worth of marketing produced benefits

  2. 1.4M+ organic social media impressions

  3. 6,000+ targeted leads provided

  4. 320+ content assets produced

  5. 41+ industry specific events hosted

  6. 63+ strategic narrative frameworks developed

Our evolved brand and business reflects our hard work in the creation of a world class marketing platform for our clients.

Our brand continues to evolve to reflect our status as a tier one agency partner, reinforce our position as a trusted collaborator within the global technology community and support our continued growth.

We are thrilled to head towards the next exciting phase of our business in partnership with our client partners.

Wishing you health and prosperity.

Luke Stow

Chief Executive Officer


27 October 2021

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