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The Future of Utilities ebook

The energy utilities sector is transforming rapidly. Gain access to expert industry insights from Salesforce and Capgemini in this exclusive ebook.


5g ai enabled automation white paper

The deployment of 5G will transform the capabilities of existing technologies and will allow emerging technologies to be adopted and experienced. Discover what's important to 5G AI Enabled Automation in this Wiley commissioned white paper Co-Authored by LAMPS' COO, Sally A Illingworth.

Image by Jack Sloop

Optimising Salesforce Implementations ebook

Salesforce implementations are important and there are few key methodologies that your service implementor should embrace to make your implementation sustainable for long term business outcomes. Access this insightful ebook to discover the methodologies used by Australian based Salesforce Partner, Alchemy Solutions.

how to get 14 million organic views on linkedin

Australia’s leading LinkedIn marketer Sally Illingworth joins Metigy's Forward Thinking podcast to share how she gained over 14 million organic content views on LinkedIn in less than 12 months.

new world networking on the livetiles podcast

With the advent of social media, the way that we conduct business and build networks in the modern age has seen significant change . LinkedIn is a big part of that change, but even the way that platform is being used is changing. A new wave of influencers on LinkedIn are changing the way people network in the modern age.