End to End Marketing Campaign Packages

Our proven end to end playbook enables you to design, tell and promote your story to a global technology audience.  We design, develop and deliver world class integrated end to end marketing campaigns to attract the right target audience and leads for your business. 


Our end to end campaign approach engages and considers every stakeholder throughout and navigates through approval processes for a seamless delivery. 


We own and operate the only technology focussed platform, The Reboot Show, which we utilise as a communication channel to a global technology audience providing highly informative and engaging content.

Our clients exploit our innovative approach to maximise their return on investment and cut through the cluttered nature of information on technology.


End to end campaign packages are designed around the following campaign offers (lead magnets):

  • Webinars (up to 60 minutes)

  • Panel Discussions (30-40 minutes)

  • eBooks (5-15 pages)

Our end to end marketing campaign package includes:

  • Creation and Production of Main Campaign Offer (Lead Magnet)   

  • Campaign Program Creation, Objectives and KPIs

  • Narrative and Message Design 

  • Content Contributors (Management)

  • Landing Page(s) Build, Design and Management

  • Graphic Design of eDM Banners, Social Media Tiles, Flashcards

  • Copywriting of eDM's, Social Media Captions and Landing Page Content

  • Audience Engagement Strategy

  • Targeted and Optimised Distribution Plan

  • Lead Management, Tagging, Processing and Reporting

  • Lead Follow Up Recommendation Strategy to Support Sales Enablement 

  • End of Campaign Briefing and Recommendation Report

For more information, email us via connect@lampsmedia.com